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At Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs, we provide compassionate dental care in a calm and judgement free environment.

Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs is re-imagining what the dental experience feels like and
we are proudly setting a new standard for patient care.

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Rita Lamphear
Rita Lamphear
Very friendly, and caring about your dental health
Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones
Good very nice they listen to u and they can tell you what they think but it's up to you very good place
Donna Davenport
Donna Davenport
I've visited many dentists in my life, but Dr. Wood and staff are the best. Excellent work cleaning and prepping from Abigail and Hector. New crowns and dentures were done well with many visits to ensure proper fit. Also, it's the small gestures, such as a Sonic gift card on my birthday and a delightful brownie for referrals. Keep up the good work!
madi hodge
madi hodge
Love it here! They are so great with explaining what they are doing and being so polite! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
veronica handcock
veronica handcock
Amazing staff!

You CAN love going to the dentist,

when you come to Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs.

Hi! I'm Eric Wood and I'm here to help calm your dental anxiety.

My team and I at Gentle Dental are on a very public mission to build long lasting relationships without judgement, while providing quality care in a calm and relaxed environment.  With our service driven attitude, I am confident that our patient experience is one of a kind – and I would love to prove it to you!

You CAN love going to the dentist,

when you come to Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs.

Hi! I'm Eric Wood and I'm here to help calm your dental anxiety.

My team and I at Gentle Dental are on a very public mission to build long lasting relationships without judgement, while providing quality care in a calm and relaxed environment.  With our service driven attitude, I am confident that our patient experience is one of a kind – and I would love to prove it to you!

How Can We Help?

Our Services

At Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible dental care experience. Our commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art technology allows us to deliver treatments that are precise and confident, ensuring your oral health is in good hands. With a focus on attention to detail, our team of professionals is here to enhance your health with comprehensive dental care.

We proudly utilize:

  • 3D and Cone Beam imaging and x-rays – think high definition verses standard TV, this allows us to see what other dentists may miss
  • CEREC CAD/CAM System – have your crown prepped and made the same day without the need for multiple appointments.
  • The DentalVibe®helps lessen injection pain by gently massaging the nerves and tissue around the injection site sending vibrations that block pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • and much more…
Our Treatment Planning Philosophy

Treating YOU like family.

A note from Dr. Wood:

When sitting down with you to review our professional findings and recommendations to improve (or maintain) the health of your mouth, I always approach treatment planning as if you were one of my family members or even my own mouth.  I care about your health, and promise to always give you my honest professional opinion and advice based on my findings in a way that you can understand and make your best educated decisions.  I believe in a comprehensive approach on YOUR timeline.

 What you need to do FIRST

The best step to a healthier mouth is to request an appointment for your professional cleaning and comprehensive exam. This will allow us to get to know you and your mouth.  It’s so much more than “JUST” a cleaning!

If you are a new patient in PAIN, we can take care of that first and then we will take care of the rest.  CALL the office at (479) 524-6182, if you are in pain or would like to schedule over the phone for your first appointment.

At Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs we do things a little different.  To find out what to expect on your first visit, we would love for you to visit Our Patient Experience by clicking HERE.


Professional Cleanings + Preventative Care

Preventive dental car Siloam Springs, AR is the cornerstone of our practice. It allows us to catch problems early on and treat them easily and inexpensively so you can get on with your life

Getting a dental cleaning is a preventative oral health treatment that efficiently and meticulously cleans your teeth and gums. Routine dental cleanings are crucial in preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Regularly scheduled teeth cleanings keep you in proper oral health. The benefits of getting your teeth and gums cleaned include:

  • Plaque removal—Even with diligent brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar can still buildup above and below the gum line. If left untreated, this can lead to early stages of gum disease. Only your dentist office can remove all the food debris, particles, bacteria from between your teeth and in gum pockets. When food debris is not removed, bacteria and foul odor can be a result. Specialized dental instruments are necessary to eradicate plaque and tartar—toothbrushes and flosses cannot do this alone.
  • Oral health—Getting your teeth cleaned and polished can help improve the brightness and shade of your smile. Regular teeth cleanings eliminate stains and keep your smile looking healthy and robust.
  • Oral cancer screening—Dental exams can allow us to visually inspect your teeth, gums, soft tissue, and neck for any abnormalities. Special x-ray machines allow our dentists at Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs to identify and catch dental issues before they become problems.

Dental exams are integral for your oral health and general well-being. We recommend that you schedule a dental cleaning at least twice annually as a precautionary measure; but for those suffering from gum disease, visits should be more frequent.

Gum Infection Therapy

At each preventive exam, we look at your gum and bone to see if you are at risk or have developed gum disease. Since every person is unique and responds differently, it doesn’t make sense to treat everyone the same.

We do a thorough evaluation and try to gauge your individual risk of developing periodontal disease (gum disease). These screenings are incredibly important since gum disease has been linked to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even having pre-term low birth weight babies.

We used to think that gum disease might only make you lose your teeth (and it will!), but we now see a correlation between gum disease and your overall health. The good news is that there are multiple treatments to help us deal with this disease. We will look at how your body is reacting to the bacteria that are causing gum disease and develop a plan that treats you best.

If you notice swelling or bleeding in your gums, persistent bad breath, or bleeding after brushing—you may have gum disease. Early stages of this disease are easily treated if caught early; advanced stages can require surgical intervention to prevent tooth loss. 

General + Advanced Restorative Procedures for a Healthier Mouth

Whether you have damaged or missing teeth, our team at Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs will work with you to provide the dental care you need. The goal of restorative dental treatment is to re-establish harmony, balance, and function to your natural smile.


Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns are a secure way to fill gaps and help restore your smile if you have missing or damaged teeth. A crown is a cover, or “cap”, customized to cover your tooth, and restores the tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. The purpose of a crown is to make the tooth stronger or improve the way it looks, and may also be recommended after root canal therapy has been completed, as the tooth tends to become brittle and is more likely to fracture.

Traditionally a crown required at least two visits to the office, and you would have to wear a “temporary” crown while the real crown was made by an outside laboratory. Now, with the introduction of computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM), we can provide SAME DAY crowns, done completely in-house at Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs!


  • A crown restores a broken tooth or a severely worn down tooth, and looks completely natural
  • Crowns can protect a weak tooth (for example, from decay) from breaking, or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth
  • Crowns can hold a dental bridge in place, and cover misshaped or severely discolored teeth 
Cosmetic Enhancements

Our Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs team believes that your smile is perfect just as long as your mouth is healthy; however, if you desire a few fixes to improve your confidence in your smile, we are here to help.

Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs offers a variety of cosmetic treatment options to improve on the look of your teeth, and to provide you with an effective solution to treat dingy, chipped, broken, misshaped, or missing teeth.


When it comes to affordability, we care!

Here is our most frequently asked question from new patients:

YES! We accept all insurances (except for Medicaid)

As a trusted general dental practice, we cater to patients of all ages and with different types of dental insurance in Siloam Springs and the surrounding areas. Rest assured, we gladly accept all dental insurance plans (except for Medicaid) and take care of insurance claims on your behalf. We happily verify your dental benefits prior to your first scheduled appointment.

Dental insurance coverage can be tricky!  Our team is dedicated to ensure that you are aware of your ESTIMATED patient portion prior to any visit or proceedure at Gentle Dental.

We have options exclusively for you!

Our Savings Plan makes dental care accessible for those without insurance coverage. Our Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs team understands, which is why we have created our own in-house savings plan just for you. Details, along with all of our financial options, can be found on Our Financial Options page or by clicking HERE.

  • No Deductibles
  • No waiting for benefits
  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Pre-Authorization Forms
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
  • No age limits
  • Best of all, you and your family can have immediate eligibility!

We focus on providing accurate and medically necessary treatment based on your needs and goals while being mindful of the cost of investing in and maintaining a healthy mouth.

Don’t Wait Until it Hurts!

We will help eliminate dental anxiety (and pain) and help you reach your oral health goals! A few things to remember that makes Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs different:


  • FREE Happy Gas (saving you stress and money)!
  • Accept all insurances (except Medicaid).
  • The more you wait, typically the more indepth and more expensive treatment becomes.
  • Flexible payment schedule offered.
  • No insurance? No problem!  We have a savings plan for those who are not covered by dental insurance.

We Understand Dental Anxiety

Show up just as you are &
we will take it from there.

We hope to exceed your expectations at every visit!

We do things a bit different here at Gentle Dental of Siloam Springs. Please check out Our Patient Experience so that you will know what to expect as a new member of our dental family.

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