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Our Patient Experience

Delivering a Dental Experience that goes Beyond the Floss ™.

Come feel the Love, Relax and Enjoy being the focus of a caring and compassionate team that understands that coming to the dentist really isn’t the highlight of your day!

We want you to know what you can expect when you are a patient at Gentle Dental and what makes our patients say “I LOVE GENTLE DENTAL“.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be all that bad!  You might even look forward to it!

New Patient Paperwork

First appointment all set? Now for the Paperwork!

We find that if our new patients complete their necessary forms online, they find their first appointment EVEN MORE enjoyable!

So, let’s get it done by clicking I LOVE PAPERWORK, and we will be all set for your first appointment.

P.S.  Don’t forget to go over to Meet The Team!  Familiar faces always make it better!

Our No Limits Savings Plan

Our Perfect Solution to SOLVE Your No Dental Insurance Dilemma  

At Gentle Dental, we believe that there should be a solution within our community to solve the No Dental Insurance Dilemma.  So what did we do about it?  We created a great savings plan just for you!  You CAN achieve optimal oral health WITHOUT Dental Insurance, while saving money!

See all the details, sign up TODAY by clicking I LOVE SAVING MONEY!

Our Services

Preventative Oral Care

It’s more than “JUST” a Cleaning!

Prevention & EARLY Diagnosis is key when talking about your overall health.  Your mouth is NO different!

See why regularly scheduled 6 month Oral Health Exams, Professional Cleanings and Oral Cancer Screenings are so important and could potentially save your life.

We’ve actually helped to save a life or two!

Restorative Dentistry

Prevent the Pain. Treat the Issue.

Abscesses, chronic gum infections, decay and broken or cracked teeth can cause systemic health issues if left untreated. These issues can cause a host of complications, especially if you have diabetes and/or heart disease. Let’s get your mouth healthy. By taking the time now, you won’t have to stop your busy schedule for an unexpected toothache in the future!

No one has time for pain!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Be Your Best Self.  We can help with that.

Confidence and an increased self-esteem effects not only yourself, but it creates a ripple effect amongst the people that you love (and who love you back).  Whether it is one tooth that just keeps bugging you when you smile or you are wanting a full smile makeover, we can help make it happen!

Isn’t it time that you treat yourself to a whiter and brighter smile?  You deserve to feel your BEST!

TMJ & Migraine Pain

Breaking the Pain Cycle with Advanced Dental Therapies

With training in advance dental techniques from both LVI Global Institute and SPEAR, Dr. Wood is successful on reducing or eliminating migraine and TMJ pain for many of his patients who see him at Gentle Dental.  Dr. Wood is one of the few dentist in Northwest Arkansas that has studied in the field of Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Let us help you regain your quality of life, pain free!

What our Patient’s say about

The Gentle Dental Experience…

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The Friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere is second to none. Dr. Wood and his staff are professional, yet at the same time, always make you feel Welcome & Comfortable. I LOVE the look and feel of the office! C.H

Patient Since

What I love the most about being a patient at Gentle Dental is feeling secure in receiving State of the Art Care with Love & Patience. Ellen Hoffman

Patient Since 2008

The best part of being a patient at Gentle Dental is of course the gracious and thorough care. The 2nd part that brings me back is knowing I am important to this office and my file is not just a shuffled to the front of the stack piece of cardboard. I am a name and face and not just a patient number. I love my dentist and his staff. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t go to Gentle Dental. Darla Grimm

Patient Since

Amazing and friendly staff! I would recommend Gentle Dental to anyone in need of dental services. I travel down from Lowell and it is well worth the drive! I just can not say enough good things about the entire office! Thank you so much! Valisha McClain

Patient since

Our No Limits Savings Plan

Our Perfect Solution to SOLVE Your No Dental Insurance Dilemma

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