I hate to even admit that I hadn't been to the dentist in 3 or 4 years because of bad experiences with other dentists in the past. But I didn't have any of that with Dr. Wood. Dr. Wood & his staff are tremendously great & now I actually can't wait to get started with my treatment plan!
Jennifer T.

Building trust, one visit at a time.

Your well-being is our passion

Focusing on your oral health and comprehensive wellbeing is our passion! You are unique and we tailor each appointment to suit your individual needs. We believe that your overall well-being is the fuel to live a full and engaging life. Often overlooked, the health of your mouth is incredible important aspect of your wellness. We are here to help you connect the dots between your oral health and overall wellness.

we inform, you decide

Between figuring out what treatment option you pick and how to make it happen can become overwhelming. We are here to make your decisions easier! With easy to understand and individualized treatment options, we walk you through the process from start to finish. (even before we do anything!)  Your financial wellbeing is also important to us!  We offer several types of options to make getting what needs to be done, done.  

Your Concerns/Fears are our priority

Let's face it, no one has said "I LOVE GOING TO THE DENTIST"... except for our awesome patients that have left us reviews telling us so, read the proof here. Having the fear of going to the dentist is REAL, we get it and understand!  In an effort to make it just a little easier, we provide Nitrous Oxide "HAPPY GAS" for FREE.  For any appointment, any time.  

your time will be respected, always

Your life is BUSY.  We are honored that you have chosen to spend a few hours of your time with us every year.  You will always be informed of what to expect at your appointment and the time that we ESTIMATE that we will have you in the office.  Instances do arise when we run late; however, we strive to start on time, every time. We will communicate with you if your start time is delayed.

The New Patient Experience

What to Expect

1. We work with you to reserve the best time that will work with your busy schedule.

Schedule online or by calling 479 524-6182. We'll get you all set up and on the right track.

2. Paperwork, ugh!

A necessary evil in providing the BEST comprehensive care. Keep in mind, we are COMPREHENSIVE and are in the business of taking care of all of YOU, not just your mouth. BONUS, it's all electronic!

3. Your Appointment

For adequate time, without feeling rushed, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your reserved time to sign your electronic paperwork, provide additional insurance information, and just to relax and enjoy something from our hot/cold beverage cart.

4. Your Professional Cleaning and Comprehensive Exam

Our New Patient appointments might seem a little longer than the typical cleaning appointment. Expect to be in the office for 90 minutes; hopefully, they will be the best 90 minutes spent in a dental office that you have experienced. Our comprehensive approach and one on one attention takes time; but remember, your time is respected, always. And just so you know, your cleanings and periodic exams from here on out will take approximately 60 minutes.

5. Treatment Planning

Understanding the WHOLE picture is important to making health related decisions. Your oral health is vital to many day to day activities: eating, drinking, talking, and yes, kissing. Whether you need gum infection therapy, a filling (or two), a crown for a cracked tooth, or more in-depth treatment, our treatment planning process is all about YOU! Using a co-discovery process, you will sit with Dr. Wood and look at all of your data (pictures, X-rays, hygiene findings) and talk about your goals. We have a dedicated Treatment Coordinator to ensure all of your questions are answered. Tessa will guide you through your entire treatment, including being your advocate when it comes to finding financial options that are affordable for you and your family.

Typical Length of Cleaning and Exam Appointments:

New Patient Adult with Comprehensive Exam:  90 minutes

New Patient Child (14 and younger) with Comprehensive Exam: 60 minutes

Happy Visit (Toddler's First Visit):  30 minutes

Existing Adult with Periodic Exam: 60 minutes

Existing Child with Periodic Exam: 30-45 minutes

Restorative Appointment times are designed towards your individual needs

When reserving your scheduled time, we will let you know the estimated time that you will be in the office.

Request an Appointment

If you are ready, we are ready!



Dreaded, but necessary. It’s all electronic!


Meet the Team

We are all in this together, here is your team.

Let's get acquainted

Need to see a Dentist in a Hurry?

The Emergency Patient Experience

1. Call us ASAP, do not delay by requesting online

Call us at 479 524-6182. We reserve a limited number of NEW patient emergency appointments a day. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help get you out of pain.

Existing Patients, we've got you.  Just give the office a call and we will get you in!

2. Our goal will be to get you out of pain first

At your focused emergency visit, we will take X-rays, Dr. Wood will complete a limited evaluation, and you and Dr. Wood will go over treatment options. Typically, we can do treatment the same day; however, there are times where it is appropriate to take antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories prior to treatment.

3. Follow up care

After your emergency is taken care of, it is time to get on the road to a healthier mouth. A healthy mouth is less expensive, causes less pain, and is able to enjoy life pleasures of food, drink, and confident fresh breath. The next best step is to get back on track with your professional cleaning and exam every 6 months.

The Gentle Dental Difference


Clear, honest, and friendly. We will always prepare you on to what to expect, follow up with you to make sure all questions have been answered, and remind you when it is time for your oral health check-up. You are able to set your preferences on if an email, a text, or a person to person phone call works best. Our teams' cohesive caring style and listening skills ensure that you are not only listed to, but heard. We always INFORM before we perform!

Calm & Cheerful Environment

We are a little "extra" when it comes to ensuring a fun, fear free and comfortable environment. At your appointment, enjoy a hot or cold beverage from our beverage bar. Children and Adults can pass the time watching Netflix or listening to music on our iPads. Have FUN sharing your smile with our digital Photo Booth in our lobby.... and many more "extras" to make your visit extraordinary.


Judgement free, Comprehensive care

Clear, individualized, and friendly. We will always prepare you on to what to expect, follow up with you to make sure you are doing great, and remind you when it is time for your oral health check-up. You are able to set your preferences on if an email, a text, or a person to person phone call works best. Our teams' cohesive caring style and listening skills ensure that you are not only listed to, but heard.

Trusted, Long Lasting Relationships

This is where we SHINE!  Gentle Dental has been built on trust from the very beginning (est. 2008).  We are honest with extra doses of compassion.     When you choose Gentle Dental as your comprehensive oral health provider, you join a tribe.  A tribe built on community, service, and living life to the fullest (WITH A BIG OL' SMILE)!  Join our tribe, we'll earn your trust, one visit at a time.

Your comfort, delivered

Dental anxiety is NO JOKE!  That's why we offer Happy Gas for FREE!  You also have access to several comfort measures including:  iPads, Beats Wireless Headphones, Lumbar (low back) pillows, neck pillows, blankets, you can even NETFLIX and CHILL!  Every appointment ends with a warm towel and a clean face check, just to make sure you can walk out of your appointment confidently.

Flexible treatment plans

We are not a one size fits all dental practice.  We provide honest and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.  You work along side Dr. Wood, our Hygiene team, and Treatment Coordinator to develop an action plan that will reach YOUR goals.   From total mouth rehab to one tooth at a time, we will work with you to be able to come up with a realistic (and affordable) way for you to reach optimal oral health.

Frequently asked questions